Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: 7-Function Silicone Love Rider Dual Action Strap-On

Cal exotics 7-function silicone love rider dual action strap-on

Hi, folks!  Long time no see.  I'm afraid we've had some computer troubles - namely, our monitor went kaput - but now we've got ourselves an iPad, and we're (mostly) back in action!

We had a nice surprise this month from Cal Exotics - a pretty, pink strap-on! 
One can never have too many strap-ons, so needless to say, we were delighted.  We promptly took our new friend for a test drive, and he did not disappoint.

That being said, we did have to improvise a bit with the straps.  Most harnesses tend to be thong style or with two straps connecting the front to the back, both of which can be a bit awkward until you get used to them.  These straps are intended to fit around the top of your thighs and stay out of your way, which is a nice idea, but there's just not enough stretch to the straps for this to work unless you have rather thin thighs.  Which neither of us do.  So we got creative and decided to just position the straps like a regular two-strap harness, tuck them through the back strap, and hope for the best.  I figured they'd slip a bit and require some occassional adjustment, but they actually stayed put remarkably well, and the whole setup turned out to be quite comfy.
The surprises were not over though, because not only is this a strap-on, it's a strap-on with a vibe. That was a wonderful addition for both of us, especially for the one wearing the harness. We've found that using a strap-on takes a little adjustment for both of us, especially with a new one, but the experience is always extra intense, and this time was no exception. With the face-to-face contact, the vibration along with the way we were moving together, it was breathtaking.

With the exception of the harness design issue we mentioned, we would highly recommend this kit. 
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