Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Cal Exotics Bound by Diamonds Diamond Teaser

This time of year is pretty busy for most people, and we're no exception. Still, it was a wonderful surprise when our next toy to review arrived. We've only had mere minutes of free time this month, rather than hours of playtime, but with this powerful little vibe - the Bound by Diamonds Diamond Teaser by Cal Exotics -  minutes are all you need. Make sure you have a few AAA batteries and a nice comfy, sturdy spot. 

Appearance:  one of my favorites, black and chrome with little rhinestones in the controller

Size & Shape: small and compact, because....well it's a bullet

Materials: ABS plastic with a lovely satin finish, which makes it feel nice and luxurious.

Controls: very simple and easy to use - just two buttons on the controller.  The top button turns the toy on and increases the spead while the bottom button slows things down and eventually turns the toy off.

Vibration Strength: 5 levels, very intense, especially considering how little it is. There's an especially noticeable difference between level three and two - from a strong rumble to a toe-curling, spine-tingling buzz - but even level one is  strong enough for me. All the way up to level five is breathtakingly wonderful.

Noise: this is not a particularly quiet toy, I have to say, certainly not on the higher speeds

Pros: This is one of our strongest vibes, and it's a great value. It's a very pretty little toy. and it's certainly small enough to store pretty much anywhere. 

Cons: It's not especially quiet, but I'd rather have a nice intense vibe than a superquiet one. It might be a little too intense for some, particularly on the higher levels, but there's no reason you can't stick with the first level in that case. 

Overall: This is a well-made, inexpensive, strong bullet. The only downside is the noise level being a bit high, but to us that's pretty minor. 

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