Their specialty is awesome strap-on harnesses, but they also have some gorgeous restraints.  And, of course, a nice selection of strap-on compatible dildos.

A fantastic selection of medical toys, restraints, uniforms, and equipment PLUS an informative medical fetish library - all of which is interspersed with great photos and fantastic sense of humor.

A fun, female-friendly purveyor of fine sex toys, bondage gear, fetish wear, and more.  They're worth a visit for the hilarious little comics at the top of each page alone.

Graphica Design ( - If you're looking for spandex, this is the place to go!  They've got everything from bodysuits to pillowcases, and even animal suits with built-in ears and tails.  They have a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from and custom sizing is available so you can get the best fit possible.

The Water Hole Custom Leather - Fully customizable, handmade leather restraints, collars, harnesses, etc.  Specializing in pony gear, including hoof boots.  

Equus Eroticus - The online companion to the well-known magazine.  You'll find lots of great articles and information, including a directory of ponyplay terms and a DIY guide.  There is also a forum, but alas, it seems to be rather dead...

            * Pony Play 101 - Fantastic introduction to the basics of ponyplay.

How to Make a Field Halter for Human Equines - Instructions for a simple nylon halter.  

Bondage U - A nice intro to basic bondage, including safety, scene negotiation, and simple rope ties.

Symtoys - Basic bondage info, DIY toys, and scene ideas

The "Newbie Pack" - Lots of practical information for anyone new to BDSM, including terminology, safety, frequently asked questions, and sample contracts.


Open directory for Fetish and BDSM sites.

The Slave Register - Nifty site where you can register your slave/submissive and get a printable ownership certificate, which includes a registration number and barcode.

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