Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: The Original Personal Pleasurizer

Appearance:  Cute!  This is a decidedly girly vibe, especially on the pink ours came in.  It's very shapely too, so it's pleasant to use and to look at.

Size & Shape:  She's not very big, but this little lady's got curves where it counts.  The shape puts all of the buzzy bits in just the right spot, and let me tell you, that more than makes up for any lack of girth.

Materials:  The business end of this baby is made of TPR - thermoplastic rubber.  It's quite squishy, which I'm normally not too fond of, but in this case, it's a very good thing.  It gives the toy plenty of flexibility, so you can really play with the positioning and get everything right where it needs to be for you.  

Controls:  Super simple.  There's a single button on the base, which turns the toy on, cycles through the three available vibration speeds, and then shuts the toy off.  

Vibration Strength:  As with most of the toys we've reviewed for Cal Exotics, this one's Got plenty of "oomph."  It starts off with a very nice buzz and works up to a powerful vroom.

Noise:  All things considerered, this one's actually fairly quiet.  It's definitely audible, especially on the high setting, but I think it would be quiet enough on the lower settings to go unnoticed behind closed doors.  

Pros: This is unique among our toy collection and it feels like nothing else - and that's a good thing. 

Cons: The only possible con I can even think of is that it feels so wonderful you won't even need a lot of time to come - and is that really a con? ;) 

Overall: Like all of our CalExotics toys, this one is highly recommended.  Get your own here!

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