Friday, December 21, 2012

Dr. Laura Berman Effie 3-Speed Waterproof Satin Finish Massager

Whew, that's a mouthful.  How 'bout we just call her Effie?  Effie is our latest gift from our good friends at Cal Exotics.

Appearance:  Effie is quite a cutie.  She's a petite lady, less than 3" long, and she's a lovely shade of lavender.  She's decidedly girly, but also quite classy - sleek, smooth - you get the idea.

Size & Shape:  As mentioned, Effie's pretty small.  She's the smallest toy we've got aside from our bullets.  And she's not what you'd call shapely.  She has a very slight curve that makes her fit your hand nicely, and the buzzy end is very nicely rounded.

Materials:  Effie is made of ABS with PU cote, which is a fancy way of saying "she's plastic, but really nice plastic."  She's silky smooth and totally seamless, plus the hard plastic transmits vibrations wonderfully. There's nothing squishy here to diminish the buzz.

Controls:  They couldn't be much simpler.  Effe has a single silicone button on the end that turns the vibe on, cycles through the three available speeds, and turns the vibe off.  The silicone button requires a bit more "squishing" than some other materials, so it can be a bit troublesome to change settings in the middle of things.  But that's a minor complaint.

Vibration Strength:  Excellent!  Don't let Effie's diminutive size fool you.  This little lady packs a punch!  She has three levels of vibration, ranging from fairly mild to downright powerful - something for just about everyone.

Noise:  She's not terribly noisy.  You could probably get away with using her behind closed doors, certainly on the lower setting.  She's definitely one of the more discreet vibes we own.

Pros:  Small and discreet, powerful vibration, simple and easy to use

Cons:  Position and material of controls makes changing settings during use somewhat problematic

Overall:  Effies a great little vibe!  She doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but sometimes the best things are the simplest.  She's be perfect for anyone knew to sex toys, and her size would make her great for traveling!

Snag this classy little vibe from Cal Exotics for just $21.99!

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