Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Cal Exotics Warm-n-Glow Vibe

Well, folks, we're finally all moved into our new house, and though there's still a lot of unpacking to be done, we've settled in quite nicely.  Our refrigerator is full, the DVD player is hooked up, approximately 1/3 of our library has been unpacked, and the UPS guy has found us.  He came meandering up our driveway last week while I was organizing bath products and dropped off a lovely gift from those fine folks at Cal Exotics.

Of course, I pranced back into the house and opened the package immediately.  And this is what greeted me:

The Warm-n-Glow Vibe, which is just what it sounds like - a vibrator that warms up and glows.  It definitely looked cool.  And so I immediately ran off in search of batteries.  Fortunately, I packed the batteries in the same box as necessities like our hammer and tape measure, so they had already been unearthed.  So I popped in a couple of AA's, pushed the button, and smiled like a shark as our new little friend sprang to life.  I couldn't wait to get ahold of Mistress K with this thing.  

There were two things I noted right away:

1) There was indeed an almost immediate, rather subtle, but very nice warming effect


2) This little thing was a powerhouse.  Seriously.

I have to confess that I gave serious thought to running off and trying it myself right then and there.  But I didn't.  I decided to wait for Miss K to come home instead.  It was a long wait.  But well worth it.  

We have collected a number of vibes by now, most of which have various speeds.  Their "low" settings are rarely used around here.  Miss K and I both prefer good, strong vibrations.  None of this subtlety crap for us.  Oh, no.  So I did what I usually do - turned our new friend on, teased my squirming Mistress with the low setting for a minute or two, then switched to the higher setting and really got things going.

That's how it usually goes anyway.  This time, however, was a little different.  For one thing, I cannot, in good conscience, use the term "teasing" in conjunction with the "low" setting on this vibe.  I hesitate to even use the word "low."  Because there's really nothing low about it.  The settings are more like "high" and "really high."  Which, if you're like us, is great.  It just required a bit more of a warm-up than I'm used to.  A third, lower setting would be nice for that purpose and for those who prefer things a bit less intense, but I'm not about to complain.  Once you are good and warmed up those nice, strong vibrations are absolutely delicious.

Another nice feature is the warming effect.  It's subtle, but definitely noticeable, and it feels very nice.  The "glow" part of Warm-n-Glow is pretty cool too.  If you're a sci-fi geek like I am, it will probably call to mind an alien probe or some such, which could make for some very interesting roleplay scenarios, if you're into that sort of thing.  Always a nice bonus.

The size and shape are pretty perfect as well.  It's not made for any sort of deep thrusting, but it can be inserted, and it feels fantastic.  What makes this toy really great, however, is the flexible joint in the middle that allows you to get the angle just right no matter how you're using it.  It's nice to use on a partner because you don't have to contort yourself into any uncomfortable positions.  And if you're flying solo, you needn't worry about those damnable wrist cramps that you get with less flexible toys.  

The Warm-n-Glow Vibe is made of ABS plastic, which I would normally consider a minor drawback, but it's a very nice plastic with a smooth, satin finish that feels great and transmits those powerful vibrations far better than any other material could.  It runs on 2 AA batteries, and I was initially worried that it would devour them, but they've lasted through two reasonably lengthy playtime sessions so far, and seem to be running strong soon.  

Of all the Cal Exotics toys we've tried thus far, I'd say this one is the best.  The quality is really outstanding for a vibe that retails for just $20.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this toy to absolutely anyone who's in the market for a new vibe.  I can't recommend it enough.

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