Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Cal Exotics Lighted Shimmers LED Glider Teaser

This was a nice little surprise, as we weren't expecting it, in the middle of moving.  Unexpected packages are always a nice.  Unexpected packages containing sex toys?  I don't know about you, but that's enough to make my day.

This month, the lovely folks at Cal Exotics sent us the Lighted Shimmers LED Glider Teaser. It's certainly a pretty little toy, with its sparkly pink controller.  The bullet is a nice translucent pink as well, and both are made of ABS plastic.

The bullet also lights up, though it wasn't dark enough in our bedroom to really appreciate it and the light seemed a bit weak.  

There's a little wheel on the side of the controller to turn the vibe on and off and change the intensity level, and it's a little unwieldy to use.  I had a hard time operating it with one hand, but it should be noted that I have really small hands.  If yours are larger than the average ten-year-old's, you'll probably be fine.

As for the important part, it's a nice little vibe, but a little too weak to be my favorite.  Also our batteries died really quickly.  But they were batteries we happened to have lying around, so they may have been old.  We haven't had the chance yet to try a fresh set - did I mentions we're moving? - but once we do, we'll be sure to share the results. 

All in all, this a nice little toy.  At only $17.99 it certainly won't break the bank, and would be a great gift for your favorite toy novice or anyone enjoys a lower intensity vibe.

Appealing color
Variable speed/intensity
Novelty of the light-up feature 
A pretty good little bullet for a reasonable price
Would be great for someone who likes a lower-intensity vibe 
Would make a great gift 

Might possibly be a battery hog 
A little too weak for us
Potentially unwieldy controls

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