Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Cal Exotics Water Missile Tear Drop Probe

Appearance:  Quite lovely.  It's very curvy and feminine.  Rather graceful.  Ours is actually teal rather than the purple pictures, and it's a very pretty color.  

Size & Shape:  That graceful, curvy shape that's so nice to look out also feels quite nice.  It's a simple shape, but very effective.  The size is more  substantial than it looks.  At first, I thought it might be a bit too big for effective insertion, but it's definitely not.  You'll probably need a good warm up first for insertion to be comfortable, but once you get there it feels amazing.  For me, at least, the size is perfect.  That being said, if you do find it a bit too large for insertion, the size and shape are still very nice externally.

Materials:  ABS Plastic.  Nothing soft and squishy here, which means plenty of strong, intense vibration.  The plastic is very smooth, and the only seam is at the end around the battery compartment.  Cleanup is easy too - this toy's waterproof!

Controls:  This vibe uses a dial on the end to turn it on and off and control the vibration speed.  Turn it one way, and the speed increases.  Turn it back the other way and it slows down, and eventually shuts off.  Simple.  Also a bit awkward, especially in the middle of things.  You can change the speed during use, but you probably won't want to bother.  

Vibration Strength:  Like most of the vibes I've reviewed from Cal Exotics, this one packs a punch.  But it also has a nice range.  The lower end offers a nice, gentle buzz or you can crank it up for something more intense.  

Noise:  On the lower settings, this one's actually fairly quiet.  You could probably use it behind closed doors without attracting unwanted attention.  That being said, it does get pretty loud when you turn it up to the higher settings.  

  • The size and shape are wonderful.  That lovely bloop is great for stimulating the g-spot, and even if you don't insert it, this vibe still feels quite lovely.  
  • It offers a full range of vibration speeds from pretty tame all the way up to quite intense.  
  • It's easy to clean and it's waterproof!

  • The controls are a bit awkward to operate during use

Overall:   This is another very nice vibe from Cal Exotics.  At only $12.99, it's a great value for the price!  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good waterproof toy that won't break the bank.

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