Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: 10 Function Clitoral Hummer

Appearance:  Quite pretty.  The pastel colors (ours is purple!) and the smooth curves make this vibe feel very "girly" to me.  

Size & Shape:  Size isn't much of an issue as this isn't really an insertable toy (I suppose you could insert it, if you really wanted to, though).  That being said, it does fit your hand nicely, and the length makes it very comfortable to use - on a partner or yourself.  

The shape is the interesting part of this toy.  One side of the tip has an intriguing little "scoop" shape and the other has a nice little bloop.  The scoop is made to fit the clitoris, and though I was initially skeptical that it would really make a difference, I have to say, it feels amazing.  It's quite a different sensation than a bullet or any other type of vibe provides.  And that nub on the other side offers an intense, targeted sensation, so you can change things up just by turning the vibe around, which helps keep things interesting.  

Materials:  ABS Plastic (very nice, very smooth) with a silver plated ring

Controls:  A button on the very end works in a very simple manner, exactly as you'd expect, which is perfect for this toy, because you're going to be a little distracted. Make that a lot distracted.  Hold down the button to turn it on, push it again to change vibration patterns, and hold it down again to turn it off.  Easy!

Vibration Strength: Intense, in the most wonderful way. Varies from steady to pulsing to alternating patterns.

Noise: Fairly quiet for a vibe this powerful. You might be able to hear it from an adjoining room if the house was really quiet.

Pros:  Unique shape, simple controls, waterproof

Cons:  Haven't found any yet.

Overall: This is by far our favorite vibe, now. It's completely unique and the sensation is fantastic no matter which side you're using. We highly recommend it.  It is a little pricier than some of the toys we've reviewed, but it's still around $20 and completely worth the extra for the unique factor. Plus, it's really nicely made and quality is always worth paying a little more for.  You'll get a toy that lasts as long as you need it to....and then some.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get yours now!

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