Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Jumpin' Gyrator Rocket

Cal Exotics has thoroughly impressed us once again with the Jumpin' Gyrator Rocket - an extra-large, extra-powerful bullet.

Appearance:  Very nice!  I love the pretty purple color that we got, but it's also available in blue and pink.  

Size & Shape:  Great!  This is quite a bit bigger than your usual bullet, but still small enough that it can be inserted, if you wish.  The size is wonderful as it gives you a little more to hold on to and spreads out the vibrations  bit more.  So if you're not fond of really concentrated vibrations but still want to try a bullet vibe, this is the one for you!

Materials:  ABS plastic with PU cote.  Which translates to:  really nice plastic with a smooth, lovely finish.  There's nothing squishy to absorb the vibration, so you get the full force of this powerful little toy, but the plastic still looks and feels nice and is easy to clean up.  This is a great material.

Controls:  This bullet operates with a slide control on the side of the power pack, which couldn't be simpler.  Just slide the switch up to increase the vibration speed and down to decrease it.  It gives you a good deal of control without being finicky.  And the placement is absolutely perfect.  When you hold the power pack, the switch naturally sits right under your thumb.  Perfect!

Vibration Strength:  HOLY CRAP.  I think that sums it up nicely.  This toy could not have been more aptly name.  Even on the lower settings, the vibrations are so powerful that it's hard to hold on to.  It jumps around and gyrates and generally resembles a tiny, handheld rocket.  Unf.

Noise:  Not quiet, as is to be expected from something this powerful.  And of course, the higher the setting, the louder it gets.  And it gets pretty loud.  This is not the toy to get if you're looking for subtlety.  

  • Pretty color and design
  • Great size and shape for both external use and careful insertion
  • Nice, easy-to-clean material
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Loud and noisy
Overall:  This is another fantastic vibe from Cal Exotics.  It packs a major punch, and it won't break the bank.  I highly recommend this vibe to anyone looking for strong, powerful vibrations or for a bulkier bullet.  Enjoy!

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