Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Tantric Binding Love Universal Cuffs

As much as we enjoy all the vibes and toys we receive from the lovely folks at Cal Exotics, it was a nice surprise this month when we got something a little different - these cute cuffs!

Appearance:  Way cute.  And quite classy.  The ribbon is mostly decorative, but it's a nice touch.  And so is the cute, little heart-shaped T-ring.  It's an adorable little detail.

Size:  These cuffs are about as one-size-fits-all as you could get.  They stretch - and they stretch quite a lot - so they should fit just about anyone.  They even fit my teeny-tiny wrists pretty well.  And the stretch means you could use them as ankle cuffs, as well.  

Materials:  The cuffs themselves are a pretty heavy-duty black elastic.  Think Ace bandage.  The ring is a non-tarnishing, nickel-free alloy, so it should hold up well and look nice for years to come.  The satin ribbons are a bit of a disappointment, though.  They're not the nice, soft kind of satin ribbon, but the cheaper, stiffer kind.  They still look pretty cute, but I'd have been much happier had the ribbons been a bit nicer.  I kind of have a thing for ribbons, though, so I might just be super picky...

Function:  Good!  Obviously, these cuffs are mostly just for fun.  You (or your sub) could easily slip out of them unassisted, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  These would be perfect for introducing someone to bondage, especially if they were a bit nervous.  You get the feeling of restraint with the assurance that you can get free quickly, if need be.  And even if you're more "advanced," and into more intense play, it wouldn't hurt to have these on hand for those times when you don't feel up to anything heavy.  

The one downside is that, since the cuffs are connected - there's a seem in the middle that holds them together - you're limited to that one configuration.  Still, it's a pretty classic position anyway, and there's plenty you can do with it.  

Pros:  Inexpensive, unintimidating, fairly durable, can be used on wrists or ankles, fit a wide range of sizes

Cons:  quality of ribbons could be better, limited to light play, limited to one configuration

Overall:  These are very nice cuffs for a great price.  They'd be absolutely perfect for beginners, but a nice item for a more experienced player's arsenal, as well.  They're cute and comfy and serve the purpose rather well without being intimidating or difficult to use.  These babies are simple and sweet!  So go grab a pair now!

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