Friday, May 20, 2011

Give It To Me (a Little Less) Straight

Some things you should know about Mistress K and I:  We love to read.  We love sex.  We love to read about sex.  So any time we find a toy shop that also sells books, we have to peruse their selection.  And any time we find a title that features BDSM, bondage, dominant/submissive relationships, etc. we get especially excited.  Then we read the synopsis, and are almost invariably disappointed.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, these books all have one surprising thing in common.  The vast majority of them only discuss heterosexual relationships.  Now, that's not such a big deal when it comes to non-fiction.  Those of us without a penis can skip over discussions of CBT.  The boobless among us can disregard chapters about breast bondage.  And if the books assumes that your master is a man, well that's annoying, but the information being communicated is likely still applicable.  Long story short, it's certainly not ideal, but I can live with it.

When it comes to fiction, however, it's a total deal-breaker.  The entire point of reading erotic fiction is to be able to put yourself in the story, to imagine yourself in the situation being presented and to get turned on because damn, you'd love to have somebody spank you like that.  Being a lesbian, reading about some tall, dark, and handsome man with molten caramel eyes and impeccable pecs cuffing and collaring his nubile slave-girl and forcing her to suck his massive, throbbing cock is going to do absolutely nothing for me.  If I try to put myself in the slave-girl's shoes, I'm going to be very confused and waiting for her to bite him.  I'd feel uncomfortable, not aroused.  I could try to identify with the man, but then I'd be equally confused because I'm supposed to be the submissive one and my cock should be shiny and purple, not all fleshy and real.  Again, I would not be aroused.  And what's the point of reading erotica that doesn't turn you on?

Of course, there is lesbian erotica to be found.  Plenty of it.  And it's almost entirely vanilla.  In all of our perusing, I have seen precisely one book featuring lesbian bondage erotica.  Am I just missing something?  Is there some vast treasure trove of hot, kinky, girl-on-girl BDSM action that I just haven't discovered yet?  It's certainly possible.  And if that is the case, someone send me a map, please!

In the meantime, I'll be over here brainstorming.  And trying to think of good synonyms for "vagina" and "clitoris."

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