Monday, May 23, 2011

It's time for a treat!

We've been spending a lot of time on Babeland lately, choosing our next toy purchases, and after a lot of thought, we've finally come to a decision. 

First up, the SpareParts Joque Harness! We have a harness, and though it was ok for a first try, it just hasn't worked out as well as we hoped. Clearly, it was time for a change. But with so many wonderful harnesses out there, how could we choose? Well, the video for this one really helped us out! Ideally, we'd get to pick out things like this in person, but unfortunately, we do most of our shopping online due to utter lack of actual brick and mortar stores in our area. The video let us see the harness being worn and otherwise evaluated by a real person, and best of all, she knew what she was talking about! We can't wait for it to arrive! 

Secondly, we obviously needed a new toy to go with our new harness.  We already had a nice, realistic dildo in our arsenal that would fit, so maybe something less realistic?  That still left a lot to choose from.  But what really caught our attention was Silk, a sleek, smooth little beauty that seems tailor made for buttsex.  And lately, we've been really enjoying experimenting.  We've never tried anal with a harness before, so this will be exciting!

We'll be adding new toys and other fun things as we can, so be sure to follow us for reviews and more!  And take a gander at the lineup to see what we've collected, thus far.

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