Monday, June 13, 2011

Make It Yourself Monday: Pony Boots

If you're familiar with pony play at all, then you've probably seen these:

Pony boots from Punitive Shoes
Hoof boots are probably the one item most coveted by ponies everywhere.  Just look at them!  They're gorgeous, and about as realistic as one can feasibly get.  They're also expensive.  I'm sure their cost is justified   - these aren't your average, run-of-the-mill, mass-produced pumps we're talking about - but that doesn't make them any easier to afford.

So what's a pony to do?  Well, if one happens to be an industrious, hard-working pony with some sculpting and casting abilities, one could potentially make one's own boots.  How?  This page will tell you.

The idea is pretty simple.  You start with a regular pair of high-heeled platform boots, sculpt the basic hoof shape onto the platform in clay, then coat the clay in several layers of liquid latex to make a mold.  A two-part epoxy resin is then poured into the molds, which forms the hoof portion.  Then the heel is sawed off, everything gets cleaned up and sanded, and voila - your very own hoof boots.

Of course, that's a vastly simplified version.  You'll definitely want to go read the page carefully if you want to actually try this.  And you may want to experiment with the sculpting and casting process a bit before you take  on such a large and involved project.  

That being said, if any brave soul reading this does decide to try this or if you already have, we'd love to hear about it!  And for that matter, if you've made any of your own gear at all - pony tack or not - do drop us a comment or email us at mylittleponygirl[at]gmail[dot]com.  We'd love to feature your work!

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