Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toy Box Tuesday: Acquisitions and Desires

Happy Toy Box Tuesday, Dear Readers!  In the very near future, you'll be seeing reviews in this slot, but since we just got our first batch of goodies and we're still *ahem* testing, I thought I'd introduce you to our newest additions - to the toy box as well as our wishlist.

Recent Acquisitions
Pete Packer UnderWear Trunks

First Impressions:  I love what these are made of.  I tried them on briefly sans-packer because I just couldn't help myself, and as underwear goes, I have to say, these are nice.  Now I really can't wait to try them with my packer.  I have the distinct feeling that I'm going to love them...

Flexi Felix

We won this little guy in a giveaway at The Sub Mission.  Thanks, Kitty!

First Impressions:  He's so cute!  And so perfect.  He's the perfect size for us and the silicone has just the right amount of soft squishiness without being too soft.  Miss K. gives him a big thumbs up, and I'm sure I will too.  Just as soon as I get to try him...  *squirms impatiently*

Smartballs Teneo

First Impressions:  Okay, I get it now.  We'd read so much about these things - and about the benefits of kegel exercises, in general - that we just had to try them.  And now I see what all the fuss is about.  Whether they have any lasting effect or not, these would be totally worth it, if only for making your household chores more enjoyable.
Your Highness Vibrating Dildo

First Impressions:  This is so much prettier in person!  It's a gorgeous, rich, swirly metallic royal blue, and the photo just doesn't do it justice.  We haven't played with this one yet, but I'm looking quite forward to trying it - especially for some anal fun.

Wishlist Additions

Whipspider Tentacle Dildo

I have a confession to make.  I kinda have a thing for tentacles.  I have a fascination with tentacled critters - octopuses, squids, jellyfish...  And I like my hentai with tentacles.  So when I first laid eyes on this gorgeous piece of fuckable art, I knew it had to be mine.  Someday soon.  Hopefully, very soon...

Whipspider Jellyfish Dildo

We just covered my fascination with tentacles.  So what's the only thing that could possibly come close to matching the awesomeness of a tentacle dildo?  A jellyfish dildo.  And these Whipspider folks have both.  I love them and I am totally inviting them to our wedding.  Maybe I can even get them to make us some kind of fantastic octo-dildo centerpiece...

Octopussy Dress

In addition to tentacles, I also harbor a deep, passionate love for latex.  So, Octopus + Latex = MUST. HAVE. THIS.  Someday.  Some far-off, distant day when I can afford to shell out $700 for a dress.  Someday...

In the meantime, though, I've got toys to play with and a Mistress who will be home soon.  So I'm off!  Drop me a comment and share your latest acquisitions or objects of lust.

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